6.5 inch 2 Wheels Balancing Electric Skate Board 1.Body:Cast Iron Chasing, Aluminum, Carbon Fibre Body (ABS+PC) 2.Unit Size:585*186*178 mm 3.Unit NetWeight:10.5kgs 4.Wheel Size:Tire Size 6.5 inch, Solid Tire 5.Motor:300 Watts x 2 Brush-less Disc Motor 6.A/C Input 90-240Volts /50/60Hz ,DC Output 42V/ 2A 7.Battery pack: SAMSUNG Lithiumion 36V I 4.4Ah , 158W.18650 20pcs Batteries I 2,200mAh/pc (With MSDS & UN38.3 ) 8.Engine Controller: Tl (ST USA) Solution IC Controller PCBA , with High Quality Gyrosensor, Gravity Sensor (GYROSCOPE SENSOR OLLER) 9.Flash Light Panel:Front & Below LED Flashing light 1O.Using Temperature:- 45°-70° 11.Charging Temperature:0-45° 12.ChargingTime:2-3 Hours 13.Cruise Range:Per Charge- Distance can travel 15- 20 Km s 14.Max Speed :12Kms 15.Max Slope climbing:15 Degrees 16.Max Load Weight:1 OOkgs -130kgs 17.Color Box size:660 * 250 * 250mm


MAINBOARD is a revolutionary product in personal vehicles. New generation self-balancing electric scooter is extremely easy to use. It has intelligent mechanism with it you stick upright. Its maximum speed is 12 km /h.
The original MANIABOARD is an Intelligent Personal Mobility Device. This device is an intuitive, technologically advanced solution that provides the user personal transportation based on dynamic balancing principles calculating the user’s center of gravity using gyroscope and acceleration sensors. Using the latest technology and production processes, each MANIABOARD undergoes strict testing for quality and durability. With its lightweight, portable design, ease of use, range, and low carbon footprint, the MANIABOARD is the Ultimate Last Mile Solution.

Catalog number: 301

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585*186*178 mm



1 kg